PJO S3 REWATCH3x03 None of the Above

Pacey: It’s just, you know, when does a person start believing the general consensus about themselves?

Joey: When it’s right

PJO S3 REWATCH: 3x04 Home Movies
Principal Green: Honestly, I am not sure how to get through to the two of you, but since you obviously have an affinity for one another…

"You nearly died today," he says. "I almost shot you. Why didn’t you shoot me, Tris?"
“I couldn’t do that,” I say. “It would have been like shooting myself.”

Ever heard the expression 10% of the cops do 90% of the work? This intelligence unit is part of the 10%.

Actually, Teen Wolf has been a long process. So, when it first started, I auditioned for Scott’s role. Granted, I weighed a hundred and twenty five pounds. I was teeny. So, when I went into the audition room, I think Jeff was being nice but he was like, ‘Can you gain 20 to 25 pounds in like a month or two?’ Normally actors would lie and I’d be like, ‘Of course I can’ but in this case, I was like, ‘Honestly, no. I can try my best but I don’t think so.’ And I couldn’t. There was no way. So, I actually auditioned a couple of times for that and never went anywhere. I was too small. And then the second season was the role for Isaac. I dabbled in that as well and got pretty close but just wasn’t right for the role. They got Daniel [Sharman], who is amazing and then luckily this, Parrish, came around and Jeff threw it my way and here I am.

are you saying I have a reputation? an unusual one.